Chase’s Racing Pigs
Well it's Fair and Festival season again, so that means that it's time for Chase’s Racing Pigs, those barnyard speedsters, to once again, be coming to your town!
Chase’s Racing Pigs
Yes, Chase’s Racing Pigs, those cute little potbelly pigs, are on the road again, looking to come to your event and entertain your guests.
Chase’s Racing Pigs
As the old saying goes, “The chicken is involved… while the pig is committed!” Well these hams of the show are committed, to creating an unforgettably fun experience for their audience!
Chase’s Racing Pigs
It's a great time for the entire family, as you watch them speed around their track, “pig paddle” their way through the water obstacle and then burn up the sawdust as they race toward the checkered flag. There will be squeals of laughter, as you experience the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, as you cheer your little piggy on to victory!
Chase’s Racing Pigs
If you can help them fill in some open slots in their Midwest tour schedule, they're willing to “sharpen the pencil” on their pricing, to make it a win-win for everybody! And at this time, they’re even willing to consider some short, 3-day runs!
Chase’s Racing Pigs
June 6 - 12 Open
June 13 - 19 Open
June 20 - 26 Open (tentative hold in Michigan)
June 27 - 30 Open
July 2 - 6 Pulaski County Fair (Indiana)
July 7 - 10 Open
July 11 - 17 Open
July 18 - 23 Open
July 25 - 30 Van Buren County Fair (Michigan)
August 1 - 7 Fowlerville Family Fair (Michigan)
August 8 - 13 Open
August 15 - 21 Kent County Fair (Michigan)
August 23 - 28 Open
August 29 Open (tentative hold in Ohio)
September 4 - 5 Open

Booked solid from September 8 (starting in New York) through all of October (ending up back at their home base, down to Florida)
Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to book this unique and entertaining show for your event, and to save some money at the same time!

Call today! Don’t be disappointed!

1-248-850-5870 or 1-800-4-BERNIE
Chase’s Racing Pigs
All races are sanctioned by the Pork Chop Downs Racing Authority,

BSA Events & Entertainment
BSA Events & Entertainment
Michigan Office: 1375 North Van Rd, Holly MI 48442
Ohio Office: 31435 Miles Rd, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
1-248-850-5870 • 1-800-4-BERNIE • FAX 1-888-427-5896
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